Monday, April 29, 2013

Testing Ramblings #5

Set top boxes automation   -

Dagger  - Light weight Robust web UI framework with web driver and Testng -

Fluent Pageobject another page objects framework

Another page object gem   Cheezy -

Another Mobile automation framework for cross platform   -

TraceGL – A new flow diagram for the js applications to know code flow

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Testing Ramblings #4

Java's Mockit similarly in php its called Phake

Facebook R&D project  -

Gradle packaging tool   -

Compile C# code online  -

View your website in different screen resolution   -

Love this Unicorn when tests passes across the screen   -

Cucumber – 1.3.1 released   -

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Testing Ramblings #1

After long... long... time i decided to update my blog.. from now onwards i will be publishing my online findings inspired from the, Decided to post my ramblings/finding here on my blog.  Hope this helps someone 


StoryQ alternative to specflow  -

IOS testing framework -

Performance Testing:

BigBench - http penetration tool  -

Performance Testing slides/videos    -

Mobile Testing:
Dynamically add selenium support to android   -

Automation Misc : 

A light weight Webdriver for node.js

Another tool   - caphub  -

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Load testing from different parts of World..

Have you ever thought of doing load testing from different parts of world to see how web pages are responding from different parts of the world, then you should try this tool from AOL

Want to view how it works

1. It gives very clear detail of statistics when it comes to component level
2. Detailed Waterfall, Optimization check list, and Screen shot of web page tested.
3. Repeat view helps to execute the same load test without cache.
4. And it gives clear report of things which needs to be changed.